Your Roving Service Agents will be the keys to your success

I can say with hesitance that their is no individual more important to your Vacation Rental business then your Roving Service Agents (RSA).  They will serve as the first and last point of contact and in so many ways become the face of your Vacation Rental brand!


From check-in, service requests and check-outs, the RSA and the way they interact with your guests will determine whether your "traveler opinions" are good and whether your guests will turn to you again in the future to accomomdate them.


The great  dilemma, however, is that this is a tough position to fill, most will see a high "burn out" quickly and you face some difficult employment realities.


Success stories come when companies choose RSA's that live in close proximity to rentals they are responsible for and where the number of units assigned is resonable. Traveling from unit to unit when guests are waiting can be overwhelming. It is important to make sure time off is undisturbed.  It's not an easy position.  


 (1) should the RSA be an employee or independent?, (2) if an employee what are the overtime ramifications?, (3) if not an employee but you are controlling 40 hours of an "independents" week what are the ramifications?


(4)background checks, (5) drivers licence checks, (6) car insurance checks, and (7) the best way to keep your RSA's upbeat and feel supported is to carefully assign hours and responsibilities.


The book provides a reciepe to success on how to check-in and check-out guests and discuss the importance of each procedure.

Following these procedures will limit your comapnies exposure to fraud, chargbacks, damages and theft.


I'll discuss the benefits of having a central location that can be used for check-ins and how this office can serve as a multi faceted comissary and mainenance headquarters.  


The book will provide you with (1) a road map to the best employment practices, (2) how to succesfully manage the logistics of all roving staff, (3) how to carefully manage the promo dollars spent and (4) how not to run a foul of the law.


I may sound overly cautious here, but the RSA can make or break your business model.