This video walks you through how to use the "Home/Apartment Evaluator Tool". I use to obtain relevant information about the apartment and area being considered.

Needless to say... In the video I'm speaking to the Unit Aquisition team at the Vacation Rental Company I prepared this for. It is easily adaptable to any area in the country. Their are several companies that are ike AirDNA evaluate Vacation Rentals in specific areas Any of them can be used. I found AirDNA to be very good.

I can assit you in evaluatin deals if you wish. Wiht the purchase of the book you'll receive this excel sheet and a video that walks you through the specifics on AirDNA and how to fill out the form.

Please note that some of the information entered above is done so that I could evaluate deals coming in and determine whether they had attributes that I would deem would either increase or decrease an apartments performance compared to the averages collected on AirDNA. I generally llke deals that produced a 40+% margin.

In the case of the single unit above we used AirDNA to fill in the blue boxes above.  I video accompanies the worksheet and guides you through its preperation.

This single unit result shows a potential profit, using COMPETITIVE SET statistics, of 85% on on out of pocket expenditures that will be needed to lease this apartments and 50% profit on Gross Reservation Revenues.  In this area I used a minimium profit margin on out of pocket expenses of 40%.  I would have moved to lease this unit if other factors (zoning, condo documents, etc) met threasholds.

Multi Unit Property considerations.  A video accompanies this worksheet in how to fill in the boxes shown above.  This is more complex then the single unit worksheet.  The out put is summarized on page one (below) and an example of several of the accomanying supporting spreadsheets follows.

This is the summary financial pro forma that is created when the boxes above are filled in.  You can see that an annual profit of $593,410 is projected after the lease payments are made on this Master Lease.  The form also allows the user to use a "Split Revenue" payment to the building owner