Roving housekeepers, equipment, linens and supplies can be a logistical challenge.  I'm going   to describe a hybrid housekeeping model that has made its way into a number of markets and   that can simplify Vacation Rental metics, responsibility and logistics.

Managing the Roving Component of Housekeepinig

Professional linen service: 3.5 cents per dry pound

The following are the challenges of managing housekeeping logistics:

1.  Laundry

2.  Transport of Housekeeping Staff

3.  Transport of towels, linens, supplies &          amenities

4.  Acquiring needed towels, linens,                      supplies & amenities

5.  Managing overtime

6.  Workman's Compensation

7.  Benefits

8.  Background checks

9.  Training

10. Supervisor inspections

11. Updating room condition in property              management systems.


An apartment needs to be "balanced", clean and pefect when a guest checks-in