The heart beat of your Vacation Rental business is the Rental Management Agreement.

Keep your Rental Management Agreemetns under "lock and key". They collectively represent the lions share of the value of your Vacation Rental Company.  They should not be kept in a file cabinet but rather scanned into an encrypted area in your computer system that can only be accessed by appropriate executives.


Each executive should sign a non disclosure and non compete wiht regard to these specific agreeements and/or relationships.


I'll provide a few clauses here of things that should be in every RMA.  The book goes into each additional clause and discusses why importance is attached.


Please note that as a Vacation Rental company owner, Vacation Rental company consultant, Vacation Rental company CFO and Condo Hotel executive I have collected RMA's from almost one hundred different businesses.  As a side note, I giggled alittle when going through my hard drive for this book to find RMA's from Trump Condo Hotels!


I am a collector of great intellectual contract clauses, thoughts and processes.  85% of RMA's are the same.  It gets intersting in examining what some have done and that makes up the remaining 15%.


I will provide you with some brillant clauses and those will better protect your businesses and anticipate certain issues, delimnas and events.


From Trump, Paramount, Hardrock condo hotels to a number of the biggest Vacation Rental companies (Mega Vacation Rental companies) I have collected the work of some of the best minds in the industry.  While I can't share those documents, per se, I CAN provide you with the exact clauses that will enhance and protect your VR business.


This is another must see chapter in the book that I humbly tell you is worth the price of the book alone!